Explain The any five of following with the help of an/a example/diagram, if needed :

(i) Collaborations with the context of Internet:

Collaboration refers to the method of two or extra people operating together closer to a common goal. With the arrival of the internet, collaboration has come to be less complicated and extra handy. Online collaboration gear, inclusive of Google Docs, permit customers to work at the equal document simultaneously from special locations. Video conferencing tools, which include Zoom, allow humans in specific locations to have face-to-face meetings. These equipment have revolutionized the manner human beings work collectively, making collaboration extra green and effective.

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(ii) LAN and WAN:

LAN stands for Local Area Network, which is a community that is confined to a small geographic vicinity, which includes a single constructing or campus. LANs are normally used to connect computers and other devices within an organisation, letting them percentage resources inclusive of printers and files.

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WAN stands for Wide Area Network, that’s a community that spans a bigger geographic vicinity, together with a city, united states of america or even the arena. WANs are commonly used to attach multiple LANs together, allowing customers in one of a kind locations to talk and proportion resources. The internet is the biggest WAN inside the international.

(iii) Basic Storage Devices:


Basic storage gadgets are used to store statistics and programs on a laptop. Examples of primary storage devices consist of hard disk drives (HDDs), stable-state drives (SSDs), and USB flash drives. HDDs use rotating disks to shop facts, whilst SSDs use flash reminiscence. USB flash drives are small, portable storage gadgets that may be effortlessly plugged right into a laptop’s USB port.

(iv) Disk Management:

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Disk management refers to the method of dealing with the storage gadgets on a computer. This includes responsibilities inclusive of formatting a disk, partitioning a disk, and assigning force letters. Disk management gear are included with maximum operating structures, along with Windows and macOS.

(v) Computer Virus:

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A computer virus is a form of malicious software program program which could infect a laptop and motive damage to the machine and the information stored on it. Viruses can spread thru electronic mail attachments, infected internet sites, and other way. Once an epidemic infects a pc, it may mirror itself and unfold to different computer systems on the same community.

(vi) Software Licensing:

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Software licensing refers to the jail agreement among a software program software vendor and the cease-person of the software program. The license defines the terms and conditions of use for the software program program, which includes the variety of installations allowed and the duration of use. Some software software licenses require payment of a fee, while others are unfastened and open supply.

(vii) Object-Oriented Language:

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Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a programming paradigm that makes use of “objects” to symbolize statistics and techniques. An object is an instance of a class, which defines the homes and techniques that the item can use. Examples of object-oriented programming languages encompass Java, Python, and C++. OOP is used to create complicated software systems, at the side of video games and internet applications.

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