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S.NOImportant Questions Of Try to Solve These Questions
1(a) Name the systems, which are operational at the following levels of organisation :
(i) Strategic level
(ii) Management level
(iii) Knowledge level
(iv) Operational level
(b) Briefly discuss the ACID test properties of a Transaction Processing System (TPS).
2(c) How does an ERP differ from conventional packages ? Discuss the phased implementation approach for implementing an ERP.
3(a) How does Function Oriented Organisation structure differ from Process Oriented Organisation structure ? Give example for each.
(b) Explain the term Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of an information system. What are the indirect costs which need to be considered for TCO calculation ?
4(a) Describe the term ‘‘Portfolio Management’’. Briefly discuss the basic steps for the implementation of portfolio management. Also list the advantages of portfolio management.
(b) Differentiate between ERP and CRM.
5(a) What is Business Analytics ? Explain how it serves as a change manager in an organisation.
(b) What do you understand by OLAP ? Compare MOLAP, ROLAP and HOLAP.
6(a) Explain any two distinctive ways of implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP).
(b) Define Online Analytical Processing (OLAP). Describe its functionality. List andexplain various types of OLAP.
7(a) With respect to any Software company, explain the Business function and processes involved in Human Resource Department.
(b) Explain any two open-source ‘Requirement Analysis Tools’.
8(a) Explain the following methods for valuation of project for an organisation :
(i) Net Present Value (NPV)
(ii) Expected Commercial Value (ECV)
(b) Explain how Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) apply to electronic files.
9(a) Define Knowledge Management in an organisation. Also, explain its two generations.
(b) With the help of a ‘‘Decision Step Gates’’ diagram, explain all the steps involved in Decision Gates process.
10With reference to computer crimes, explain the following :
(i) Salami Slicing
(ii) Cloning
(iii) Carding
(iv) Spoofing
(v) Dumpster Diving
S.NOImportant Questions Of Try to Solve These Questions
1(a) Explain IRR method with a suitable example. Briefly discuss the limitations of the IRR method.
(b) Explain the Expected Commercial Value (ECV) method for financial evaluation of a project.
2(a) Draw a suitable diagram and use it to describe the inter-relationship among the different types of information systems.
(b) Compare and contrast the following :
(i) E-Business and E-Commerce
(ii) B2B and B2C Transactions
Give suitable example for each.
3(a) Briefly discuss the classification of organisations at macro level. Give distinctive features of each type of organisation
4(b) What is Requirement Analysis ? Discuss the challenges and problems of Requirement Analysis.
5(a) Define a Decision Support System. How is it useful for any organisation ? Classify them and discuss briefly.
(b) Discuss management functions and levels of management.
6(a) “Integration and Automation are the backbone of a successful ERP system.” Justify the statement and also discuss various ERP components.
(b) List the advantages and disadvantages of Supply Chain Management (SCM).
7(a) Define Total Cost of Ownership of an Information System. Describe its components.
(b) Discuss various stages of Business Analytics.
8(a) Explain Conventional AI and Computational AI.
(b) Define Customer Relationship Management (CRM). What are its objectives and what does it provide to the customers ?
9(a) What is meant by “Total Cost of Ownership” of an information system ? Describe its various components.
(b) What is an Expert System ? How is it different from Fuzzy Expert System ? Give examples
10a) DiffereneMte between Horizontal and Vertical orianizations. Give an example for each.
(b) What is Portfolio Management ? Discuss the methods used to carry it out.

S.NOShort Questions
1(a) Data Diddling
(b) Salami Slicing
2(a) NPV
(b) IRR
(c) DCF
3(a) Transaction Processing Systems
(b) Strategic Decision-Making
4(a) Really Simple Syndication (RSS)
(b) Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
5(a) Issues in Portfolio Management.
(b) Business Intelligence Tools (any two)
6(a) NPV
(b) CR/VI
(c) ERP
(d) SCM
7(a) Components of ERP
(b) Artificial Intelligence methods for business use
8(a) Technology trends and ethical issues (computer crimes—Hacking and Software Piracy)
(b) Tools and methods for Requirement Analysis (any two)
9(a) General Problems of Empirical Research (in layered evaluation approach and in general approach)
(b) Business Intelligence (BI)
10(a) Spoofing
(b) Payback Period

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