What is Data Transmission Channels

Data transmission channel is transmitted between two devices through a dedicated connection. This means that the connection is used exclusively for transmitting data between those two devices, and no other devices can use it.

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Transmission channels:

Here are some examples of point-to-point transmission channels:

  • Telephone lines: When you make a smartphone call, your voice is transmitted over a point-to-point connection between your telephone and the recipient’s phone. The connection is committed to that name and cannot be used with the aid of any different devices. The connection between the pc and the peripheral is a point-to-point connection.
  • Ethernet connections: Ethernet is a kind of community protocol that is used to join units in a nearby place community (LAN). When two gadgets are related the use of an Ethernet cable, they have a point-to-point connection that is devoted to transmitting information between these two devices.
  • Serial cables: These are cables that transmit information one bit at a time, regularly used to join computer systems to peripherals such as printers, modems, or serial devices.
  • USB cables: These are cables that join gadgets to a computer’s USB port. USB cables are typically used to join peripherals such as keyboards, mice, and exterior challenging drives.

Examples of wireless point-to-point transmission channels include:

    • Bluetooth: This is a wi-fi science that is used to be section of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops to peripherals such as speakers, headphones, and keyboards.
    • Wi-Fi: This is a wi-fi science that is used to be a area of units to a regional close by regional (LAN) or the internet. Wi-Fi is frequently used in homes, offices, and public areas such as espresso retail shops and airports.

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