BANC 131 Important Question & Exam Note in English

IGNOU BANC 131 Important Question & Exam Note : Anthropology and Research Methods If you are on this Page You Want to Download IGNOU BAG Important Questions. In this section, You will find all the Exam important Questions of all courses which are divided by the Section “SEMESTER WISE & YearWise”.

IGNOU BANC 131 Important Question & Exam Note Anthropology and Research Methods

S.NoAnswer the following in about 500 words each.
1Define anthropology and discuss its objectives briefly
2What is the importance of fieldwork? Describe the contributions of Radcliffe-Brown
and Malinowski
3Define Anthropology and its various branches
4Describe fieldwork tradition in Anthropology.
S.NoAnswer the following questions in about 250 words each.
1Discuss the relationship of archaeological anthropology with other disciplines.
2Briefly discuss the genesis of physical/biological anthropology adaptation to heat.
3Describe in brief the methods of data collection in social/cultural anthropology
4Write note case study method.
5Explain the development of Archaeological Anthropology
6Discuss the relationship of biological Anthropology with allied fields
S.NoAnswer the following questions in about 100 words each.
1Current field of study in Biological Anthropology
2Anthropology as a discipline
4Growth of archaeological anthropology in India
5Symbolism and Interpretative theories
6Geological time scale
7Write short note on ethnographic approach.
8What is Emic and Ethic approach?
11Note on evaluative phase of Social Anthropology in India
12Cultural relativism

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BANC 131 Important Question & Exam Note