IGNOU MCA Important Questions Download

If you are on this Page You Wants to Download IGNOU MCA Important Questions 2021. In this  Section, You will find all the important Question of all courses which are divided by the Section “SEMESTER WISE” .

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Ignou Divided their Books in block and it looks like so much to study. So now you Guys Don’t Need to worry about Learning.We are here to provide you all the important Question of all Courses and Subjects Separately & absolutely free.
In this Important Question you will covered all the Important Topics, Question, Chapter summery, Book Question and Many More Stuffs.
You can read or download these Notes as per your requirements. We will provide the link of download and also attached the file if you don’t want to download.

Course Code Course Title Important Questions
Semester – I
MCS 011 Problem Solving and Programming Download
MCS 012 Computer Organization and Assembly language Programming Download
MCS 013 Discrete Mathematics Download
MCS 014 Systems Analysis and Design Download
MCS 015 Communication Skills Download
MCSL 016 Internet Concepts and Web Design Download
MCSL 017 C and Assembly Language Programming Lab Download
Semester – II
MCS 021 Data and File Structures Download
MCS 022 Operating System Concepts and Networking Management Download
MCS 023 Introduction to Database Management Systems Download
MCS 024 Object-Oriented Technologies and Java Programming Download
MCSL 025 Lab (based on MCS-021, 022, 023 & 024) Download
Semester – III
MCS 031 Design and Analysis of Algorithms Download
MCS 032 Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Download
MCS 033 Advanced Discrete Mathematics Download
MCS 034 Software Engineering Download
MCS 035 Accountancy and Financial Management Download
MCS 036 Lab (based on MCS-032, 034 and 035) Download
Semester – IV
MCS 041 Operating Systems Download
MCS 042 Data Communication and Computer Networks Download
MCS 043 Advanced Database Management Systems Download
MCS 044 Mini Project Download
MCS 045 Lab (UNIX & Oracle) Download
Semester – V
MCS 051 Advanced Internet Technologies Download
MCS 052 Principles of Management and Information Systems Download
MCS 053 Computer Graphics and Multimedia Download
MCSL 054 Lab (based on MCS-051 & 053) Download
MCSE 003 Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management Download
MCSE 004 Numerical and Statistical Computing Download
MCSE 011 Parallel Computing Download
Semester – VI
MCSP-060 Project Download

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Important Question Disclaimer:
All these Important Question are prepared by the Ex-Ignou & Present ignou Bonafide Students. Their Experiences are really going to help you to score 80+ in your TEE.
With all these Information, We also Clarify here that everything here (Notes, Assignment, Old Questions, And Important Question) are made by Using IGNOU Books and Also Internet sources.