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Describe Linked and Indexed allocation for disk space allocation.
What is RPC ? Describe the steps involved in the execution of a RPC.
Explain Access Matrix and Mandatory Access Control Security Models.
What is the purpose of mutual exclusion algorithm ?
What is the purpose of kernel layer in Windows 2000 0/S structure ?
Discuss the common failures in distributed systems.
What is Segmentation scheme in memory management
Explain Take-Grant Model for security and protection of an operating system.
Describe the NTFS file system management in WINDOWS 2000.
List and explain the various design issues involved in Distributed systems.
Explain various Multiprocessor Interconnection Networks.
Differentiate between SCAN and C-SCAN disk scheduling algorithm
Explain the structure of Unix and Windows Operating Systems.
characterize deadlock in a system.

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Write short notes on the following : 4×5=20

1. Multiprocessor Operating System2.Overlays and Swapping
3.Characterization of Deadlock4.Demand Paging and Demand Segmentation
5.NTFS (New Technology File System)6.Explain the concept of memory management in Windows 2000 or higher.
7.What are the different kinds of file permissions in UNIX OS8.Demand paging and Demand segmentation
9.Fixed and Variable partition10.First fit, Best fit and Worst fit

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