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IGNOU BCA/MCA MCS-023 Exam Most Questions

(1.)Discuss the following relational constraints :

(i) Domain

(ii) Entity

(iii) Referential Integrity

(iv) Key Constraint

(2.)Discuss the anomalies due to insertion, inundation and deletion in a relation that is not in QNF. Illustrate with the help of an example

(3.)Write short notes on the following

(i) Web Databases

(ii) Distributed Databases

(iii) Shadow Paging

(4.)Analyse the following relations. Child  (C-name, C-age, C-address) Parent (P-name,

P-age and C-name, C-age) and identify the highest normal form possessed by them. If

the relation of the desired to be normalized then perform the task, otherwise justify with

suitable arguments that “Normalization is not needed”.

(5.)Explain log based recovery scheme with the  help of an example.

(6.) How client server databases differs from  Distributed Databases ? Explain with the

help of an example

(7.)Write SQL statements to perform following  queries on the given relations i.e.

Employee (Empid, Emp_name, Dept_id) Department (Dept_id, Dept_name, Dept_loc, Emp_id)

(I)List the names of employees whose name starts with ‘S’

(II)To sort the employee data, in the alphabetic descending order.

(III)Find total number of employees.

(Iv)Find the department number and number of employees working in each department.

(8.)With the help of suitable example discuss  the utility of check points in Database


(9.)Explain the following :

(i) Data Replication

(ii) 2-Tier Client/Server model

(10.)Discuss the use of B-Tree as a structure for creating index, with the help of an example in support.

11.(a) Explain the need of Distributed DBMS over Centralized DBMS. Also give the structure of                  Distributed DBMS.
    (b) List and explain the 4 basic properties of a Transaction with the help of appropriate examples.
12. Write short notes on the following :
           (a) Locks
           (b) Deadlock and its prevention
           (c) Database Errors
           (d) Data fragmentation in Distributed databases
13. (a) Draw an ER diagram for the situation given below :
         Library consists of many books in different subject areas where books are written by different authors and are published by different publishers. A book is published by only one publisher There are inside – members and outside – members who gets books issued for their uses. The issuing and return operation of the books are managed by the librarian.
   (b) What is database recovery ? Explain with an example, how system log is used for database recovery.
   (c) Explain 3NF. Also justify the statement “BCNF is stronger than 3NF” with the help of an                     example.

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