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S.NOImportant Questions Of Try to Solve These Questions
1(a) How do CASE tools help in effective Requirements Engineering ? Explain.
(b) Draw and explain the Risk Manager tool.
2(c) What is the significance of Software Engineering ? Discuss Spiral Model. Explain the types of projects for whom spiral model is suitable.
(d) What do you mean by Scheduling of a Software Project ? Explain any two types of scheduling techniques used in Software Engineering.
3(a) Explain different phases of Waterfall Model. What are its advantages and disadvantages ?
(b) What is meant by Prototyping ? What are the types of projects where prototype is developed ? What are the pros and cons of a prototype ?
4(a) What is meant by “Version Control” ? Explain it with the help of an evolutionary graph. Give an example of a tool which can be used for performing version control.
(b) What is SRS ? List various items in it. In which phase of SDLC is SRS developed ?
5(a) What is Change Management ? Explain the process of making a change request with the help of diagram.
(b) What are various methods for constructing the cost of a project ? Explain any one of the methods with an example
6(a) Explain various levels of SEI-LMM.
(b) Define the term “Software Quality”. List various factors that will affect software quality.
7(a) Define the term ‘‘Risk’’. Explain the different phases of risk management.
(b) Explain the role of various CASE tools helping in the effective management of teams and projects.
8(c) Explain all rules of Human Computer Interface design.
(d) Explain various steps involved in debugging.
9(a) What are the differences between Black Box Testing and White Box Testing ? Explain with example.
(b) What is a Task Set ? Explain the factors that affect the task set of a project
10(a) Explain the following :
(i) Work Breakdown Structure
(ii) Flow Graph
S.NOImportant Questions Of Try to Solve These Questions
11(a) Write a detailed note on Control Flow Graphs. Give an example.
(b) Explain the process of Software Configuration Management (SCM) in detail.
12(a) Describe Putnam’s model of cost estimation for software development.
(b) Explain the Software Re-engineering life cycle with the help of a suitable illustrative project.
13(a) What is a DFD ? Draw DFDs up to 3rd level for a ‘‘Railway Reservation System’’. Make necessary assumptions.
(b) What is a Data Dictionary ? Explain with an example.
14(c) Explain Cleanroom Software Engineering with the help of a diagram.
(d) Explain any two Project Scheduling techniques with examples.
15(a) Explain Software Project estimation in detail with the help of a diagram.
(b) Explain different techniques for Requirements Gathering.
16(a) Explain the process of developing wireless application using J2ME.
(b) ‘‘Spiral Model combines the strength of various other Software Development models.’’ Justify the statement. Also explain the primary activities in this model. For what kind of projects can we use this model ?
17(a) In a modular design, explain the functionality of Coupling and Cohesion. Write the disadvantages of low cohesion and high coupling.
(b) With the help of a suitable example program, explain the ‘‘Boundary Value Analysis’’ testing strategy by deriving boundary conditions.
18(a) Construct DFDs up to level 3 for a ‘‘Hospital Management System’’. Make necessary assumptions.
(b) Explain the Software Change Request format, Engineering Change Order format and Software Change Report format.
19(b) Explain the COCOMO model with an example.
(c) Explain, with an example, how boundary conditions are tested in black box testing.
20(a) Explain various levels of SEI-CMM model.
(b) What is the purpose of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) ? Also, explain various processes of SQA.

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