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IGNOU BBYCT-137 Important Question & Exam Note in English Medium Download

IGNOU BBYCT-137 Important Question & Exam Notes ,Top 20 Question of BBYCT-137

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Define the following terms:
i) Matric potential
ii) Holochrome
iii) Holozyme
iv) Heterocyst
v) Fluorescence
Describe ABA signaling model to explain stomatal movements with the help of well labelled diagram.
How enzyme activity gets altered by inhibitors? Explain
Describe the biochemistry of ammonia assimilation in plants.
What are photosynthetic and non-photosynthetic pigments? Discuss their distribution and role in Plant Kingdom.
Describe the role that macro and micro nutrients play in the growth and development of plants. Describe the deficiency symptoms of various elements in plants.
Describe the role of auxin and cytokinin in plant development.
Differentiate between the following:
i) Photosystems I (PSI) and Photosystems II (PSII)
ii) Combustion and Respiration
iii) Transpiration and Guttation
Write short note on the following :
i) Plant responses to stress conditions
ii) Glycolysis
iii) Photoreduction
How is co-dominance different from incomplete dominance?
Explain the phenomenon of masking the expression of gene by another in epitasis.
Explain why sterility is common in polyploid organisms?
What is trisomy? By what mechanisms does it come into existence?
Define mutation. Explain the following types of mutations briefly:
(a) Induced mutations
(b) Supperessor mutations
What are transposable genetic elements? How they can cause mutations?
Explain Neo Darwinism and Neo Lamarckism in detail.
Industrial melanism is an excellent model to demonstrate the natural selection in action. Analyse the above statement critically.
What do you understand by sexual selection. Illustrate your answer with a suitable example.
What is Isolation and what are its types? Explain.
. Answer in about 50 words each.
a) Explain the concept of geographical isolation with suitable examples.
b) How does habitat preference of organisms promote speciation process?
c) Cite an example to show that highly restricted breeding seasons of populations contribute to isolation process.
d) Discuss the role played by courtship behavior and scents in the isolation process.
e) Distinguish the terms interspecifc sterility and hybrid sterility.
Analyse the causes and influence of big five mass extinctions
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What is BBYCT-137 Full Form in IGNOU University

The Full Form of BBYCT-137 is Plant Physiology and Metabolism

BBYCT-137 is Which Program

it is BSCG Course in BSCG in IGNOU

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