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S.NOImportant Question Of Try to Solve These Questions
1The chances of catching cold by workers working in an ice factory during winter are 25%. What is the probability that out of 5 workers, 4 or more will catch cold ?
2What is time series ? Explain briefly the components of the time series withe xamples.
3Dtinguish between random sampling and non-random sampling.
4A sample of size .3 is to be selected from a population of 10 households. List all possible samples by (a) Linear systematic; (b) Circular systematic sampling.
5A bag contains 10 white and 3 black balls. Balls are drawn one by one without replacement till all the black balls are drawn. Find the probability that this procedure comes to an end at the 6th draw.
6From a list of 500 names and addresses, 100 names were selected without replacement and 25 wrong addresses were found. Identify the population and estimate the total number of addresses required to be corrected in the list. Also estimate the standard error.
7What do you understand by the term ‘Forecasting’ ? How does forecasting differ from prediction ? Give suitable examples in support of your answer. Briefly discuss the forecasting models.
8Suppose A and B are two independent events, associated with a random experiment. If the probability of occurrence of either A or B is 0.6; while probability that only A occurs is 0.4, then determine the probability of occurrence of event B
9A random sample of 50 students of mathematics taken from a total of 200, showed a mean of 75 and a standard deviation of 10. Find 95% confidence limits for mean. (Given Z = 1·96)
10Differentiate between Simple Random Sampling
and Systematic Random Sampling
S.NOImportant Question Of Try to Solve These Questions
1Describe the following tests in detail :
(a) Time series and its components
(b) Chi-square test for independence of attributes
2Differentiate between the following with one example of each :
(i) Assignable causes and Chance causes
(ii) Producer’s risk and Consumer’s risk
3The incidence of occupational disease in an industry is such that the workers have a 20% chance of suffering from it. What is the probability that out of six workers
(i) Four or more will contract the disease ?
(ii) Three will contract the disease ?
4Suppose 2% of the items made in a factory are defective. Find the probability that there are :
(i) 3 defectives in a sample of 100
(ii) no defectives in a sample of 50
5Differentiate between the following :
(i) Parametric and Non-Parametric tests
(ii) Binomial distribution and Poisson’s distribution
6List the advantages and disadvantages of using a sampling approach instead of a census approach for studying the characteristics of data.
S.NOShort Questions
1(a)Cluster Sampling
(b) Stratified Sampling
2(c) Control Charts
(d) Goodness of Fit
3(a) Exponential Smoothing Method
(b) Cluster Sampling
4(a) Correlation and Rank-correlation
5(b) Moving Average

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