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IGNOU BPHCT-133 Important Question & Exam Notes ,Top 20 Question of BPHCT-133

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Explain with the help of diagrams what spherically and cylindrically symmetric charge distributions are. What is the electric field at a point inside a hollow metallic sphere of radius R having volume charge density ?
Two particles carrying 4C and  2C charges are placed on a 1 m long straight wire. Determine the point on the line joining these particles where the electric potential is zero.
Explain the phenomenon of polarisation of a dielectric. Show that, when a dielectric material is filled between the plates of a capacitor, the value of capacitance increases by factor of K, the dielectric constant of the material.
The energy of a capacitor is 4.0 J after it has been charged by a 1.5 V battery. Calculate its energy when it is charged by a 6.0 V battery.
Obtain an expression to show that the change in the quantity of charge enclosed in an arbitrary volume is accompanied by a net flow of charge inwards or outward across the surface of the enclosed volume.
A horizontal, straight wire carrying 12.0 A current from west to east is in the earth’s magnetic field B. At this place, B is parallel to the surface of the earth, points to the north and its magnitude is 0.04 mT. Determine the magnetic force on 1 m length of the wire. If mass of this length of wire is 50 g, calculate the value of current in the wire so that its weight is balanced by the magnetic force
Using Maxwell’s equations in free space, derive the wave equation for the magnetic field vector.
Two electric charges 2 µC and –1 µC are placed at a distance of 20 cm from each other in vacuum. Locate the point on the line joining these two charges outside the region between them at which the electric potential is zero with reference to the positive charge.
A sphere of radius R carries a charge of volume charge density ρ ar, where a is a constant and r denotes the distance from the centre of the sphere. Calculate the total charge enclosed by the sphere and the electric field at points lying inside and outside the sphere.
Derive the expression for electric potential of a line charge.
A dielectric object is placed in an electric field. The object becomes polarised and a large number of atomic/molecular dipoles in the object align in the direction of the applied electric field. Derive an expression for the electric potential due to this polarised dielectric at a point outside the dielectric.
In the Bohr model of hydrogen atom, the electron follows a circular orbit centred on the nucleus containing a proton. The motion of the electron along the circular orbit constitutes a current. Calculate the magnetic field produced by the orbiting electron at the site of the proton.
Discuss Maxwell’s generalisation of Ampere’s law.
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