IGNOU ECO 06 Important Questions Download English & Hindi

If you are on this Page You Want to Download IGNOU ECO 06 Important Questions 2022 Economic Theory. IGNOU ECO 06 Important Questions Download English & Hindi, In this section,IGNOU ECO 06 Important Questions Download English & Hindi You will find all the Exam important Questions of all courses which are divided by the Section “SEMESTER WISE”.

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IGNOU ECO-06 Important Questions Download in English Medium

S.NoImportant Question Of Try to Solve These Questions
1What are economies of scale ? Explain different forms of economies of scale with examples.
2Explain the marginal and average revenues of a firm in both perfect and imperfect competition.
3Describe the return to scale. Explain the causes of increasing return.
4What do you understand by the term ‘Supply’ ? Explain its main determinants.
5What is Market Structure ? Explain the main features of monopolistic competition.
6Discuss the ‘Ricardian theory of rent’. What are its assumptions ? Explain.
7Define a contract. What are the essentials of a valid contract ?
8Distinguish between a Contract of Indemnity and Contract of Guarantee.
9Define bailment. What are the duties of a bailor and bailee.
10What is an agency ? When is an agent personally liable
11Explain the concept of consumer’s surplus with the help of a diagram. What are its limitations ?
12What do you mean by Elasticity of Demand ? How would you measure the price elasticity of demand ?
13What is oligopoly ? Explain its characteristics.
14What do you mean by elasticity of supply ? Explain its determinants.
15Explain the law of demand with the help of a demand schedule and a demand curve.
16Explain the case for and against monopoly.
17Define production. Explain the theory of production in detail.
18What are profits ? Describe the sources of profits.
19Critically examine the Ricardian Theory of Rent.
20Define ‘Production’. Distinguish between fixed and variable inputs.

IGNOU ECO 06 Short Important Questions Download in English Medium

S.NoImportant Question Of Try to Solve These Questions
1Economic cost
2Discriminating monopoly
3Price leadership
5Mixed economy
6Economic costs
7Competitive wages
8Collective Bargaining
9Competitive Wages
10Cardinal and Ordinal approach to utility analysis

Important ECO-06 Questions Download in Hindi Medium Medium

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