IGNOU ECO 08 Important Questions Download English & Hindi

If you are on this Page You Want to Download IGNOU ECO 08 Important Questions 2022 Company Law, IGNOU ECO 08 Important Questions Download English & Hindi. In this section, You will find all the Exam important Questions of all courses which are divided by the Section “SEMESTER WISE”.

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IGNOU ECO-08 Important Questions Download in English Medium

S.NoImportant Question Of Try to Solve These Questions
1“Statistics are like clay of which you can make a God or Devil as you please.” Comment Statement.
2How do you make a choice of suitable measure of central tendency ?
3State the uses of Geometric mean.
4“Sciences without statistics bear no fruit; statistics without sciences have no root.” Comment.
5What do you mean by ‘Statistical Error’ ? How do they differ from mistake ? Explain with an example.
6Briefly explain the steps involved in a statistical survey starting from ‘Defining the problem’ to Writing the report’.
7Explain various parts of a statistical table.
8What do you mean by distrust of statistics ?

IGNOU ECO08 Short Important Questions Download in English Medium

S.NoImportant Question Of Try to Solve These Questions
1Continuous series
2Graphic presentation
3Distrusts of Statistics
4Degree of Accuracy
5Classification of data
7Two-dimensional diagram

ECO-08 Important Questions Download in Hindi Medium Medium

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