IGNOU ECO 09 Important Questions Download English & Hindi

If you are on this Page You Want to Download IGNOU ECO 09 Important Questions 2022 Money, Banking and Financial Institutions, IGNOU ECO 09 Important Questions Download English & Hindi. In this section, You will find all the Exam important Questions of all courses which are divided by the Section “SEMESTER WISE”.

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IGNOU ECO-09 Important Questions Download in English Medium

S.NoImportant Question Of Try to Solve These Questions
1Define the term ‘Money’. What are the functions and significance of money ?
2Explain the establishment, objective and progress of State Bank of India.
3Explain the objectives of the World Bank. How far has it succeeded in achieving them ?
4Define the term ‘money’. What are the functions and significance of money ?
5Briefly describe the main constituents of Indian Money Market.
6Explain the primary and secondary functions of commercial banks. Also highlight the economic significance of
7Examine the salient features of Regional Rural Banks
8Discuss the role of Industrial Development Bank of India.such banks.
9State the functions of money and its significance in a modern capitalist economy.
10Discuss the effects of inflation. How do we control inflation? Explain.
11State the concept of ‘Central Bank’. Describe its traditional and promotional func
12What is inflationary gap ? Differentiate between demand-pull inflation and cost-push inflation.tions.
13Discuss the banking structure in India, and identify the main problems faced by it.
14Why are short-term and long-term international finances required ? Discuss.
15What are the objectives of the World Bank ? Analyse its contribution to international capital flow.
16Explain the techniques of credit control used by RBI.
17Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Branch and Unit Banking System.
18Explain the establishment, objectives and role of State Bank of India.
19Define the term inflation. State the effects of inflation on different sectors of the economy.

IGNOU ECO-09 Short Important Questions Download in English Medium

S.NoImportant Question Of Try to Solve These Questions
1Demand Pull Inflation
2Foreign Exchange Market
3Principles of Note Issue
4Special Drawing Right
5Principles of notes issue
6Evils of money
7Barter system
8Industrial Reconstruction Bank of India
9Velocity of money
10Functions of the World Bank

Important ECO09 Questions Download in Hindi Medium Medium

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