IGNOU ECO 13 Important Questions Download English & Hindi

If you are on this Page You Want to Download IGNOU ECO 13 Important Questions 2022 Business Environment .IGNOU ECO 13 Important Questions Download English & Hindi, In this section, You will find all the Exam important Questions of all courses which are divided by the Section “SEMESTER WISE”.

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IGNOU ECO 13 Important Questions Download in English Medium

S.NoImportant Question Of Try to Solve These Questions
1What is meant by Ecology ? How has industrialisation affected the ecosystem ? Describe briefly the measures followed by the Indian Government to check growing imbalance in the ecosystem ?
2Explain the term „culture‟. How do cultural factors affected the business environment
3Discuss consumer rights and responsibilities. How have the consumer rights been protected ?
4What is meant by foreign capital ? Describe various types of foreign capital.
5Discuss different export promotion measures followed in India.
6Discuss how social and cultural factors affect business environment.
7What is meant by fiscal policy ? Describe various instruments of fiscal policy prepared by the Indian Government.
8What do you mean by consumer protection ? Explain various rights and responsibilities of consumers.
9Outline the objectives of the New Industrial Policy, 1991. Discuss various policy measures adopted for its implementation.
10Giving suitable examples, explain Multilateral Trading System, and state its advantages and disadvantages.
11How are ecological issues relevant to business environment in India ? Discuss.
12What is meant by Fiscal Policy ? Explain main instruments of fiscal policy in India.
13Define ‘Consumer’. Explain salient features of the Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
14Discuss the merits and demerits of MNCs.
15Discuss salient features of a mixed economy in the context of India.
16What is meant by fiscal policy ? Explain various instruments of fiscal policy in India.
17Outline the salient features of the Industrial Policy, 1991. Evaluate its success.
18Describe briefly the composition of foreign trade of India including exports and imports

IGNOU ECO-13 Short Important Questions Download in English Medium

S.NoImportant Question Of Try to Solve These Questions
1Role of Reserve Bank of India
2India‟s Balance of Payments
3Promotional measures for small scale
4Interaction between social system and business
5Mixed Economy
6Role of WTO
7EXIM Bank
8Industrial Sickness
9Cultural Environment
10Reforms of the Public Sector

ECO13 Important Questions Download in Hindi Medium Medium

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