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If you are on this Page You Want to Download IGNOU IBO-06  Important Questions 2021  International Business Finance  In this section, You will find all the Exam important Questions of all courses which are divided by the Section “SEMESTER WISE”.

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IGNOU IBO-06 Important Questions Download in English Medium

S.No Read These Question
1 Discuss the respective roles of IMF and World Bank bringing out the differences clearly.
2 VVhat is the foreign exchange risk ? How do the companies identify and manage such risks ? Select any one kind and state the methods available to manage it.
3 Critically examine the centralised and decentralised cash management operations of MNCs.
4 Why do the companies invest abroad ? Discuss Indian regulation of foreign direct investment.
5 What is `Political Risk’ ? How do the companies assess and manage them ? Discuss
6 What are the foreign exchange markets ? What are their functions ? What are their participants ? Explain.
7 What are the principal objectives of International Monetary Fund ? How are these objectives achieved ? Explain the mechanism.
8 Explain the international money transfer mechanism.
9 Discuss the concept of transaction exposure. How is it different from translation exposure and economic exposure ? Explain.
10 Critically examine the Govt. of India policy towards Foreign Direct Investment.
11 What are Derivatives ? Discuss the difference between Futures and Options with relevant examples.
12 What are the components of International Financial System ? Describe and discuss any one of them.
13 What are Intentional Swaps and their mechanism ? Discuss.
14 What is prime lending rate ? Explain the two basic approaches to loan pricing.
15 Discuss various methods of measuring political risk
16 Discuss the working of the Brettonwoods System. What were the weaknesses of this system ?
17 Briefly discuss the various international debt instruments and their purpose.
18 Explain Purchasing Power Parity. What is its relevance in explaining changes in the exchange rates ?
19 Explain the international money transfer mechanism.
20 What are the main DCF and non-DCF techniques of project appraisal ? Discuss their respective merits and demerits.

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S.NOShorts Questions
1Spot and Forward Rates
2Spot and forward exchange rates
3Special Drawing Rights
5Capital Asset Pricing Model
6 Letter of Credit
7Exchange Rate Forecasting
8Special Drawing Rights
9Letter of Credit
10Balance of Payments

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