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S.NoRead These Question
 1Draft a suitable questionnaire for studying passenger’s satisfaction on services of railways.
 2What is the relationship of research to various functional areas of business ? Explain different methods of research releVant to business research.
 3Write a detailed note on various types of scaling techniques. Explain them with examples.
 4What are measures of central tendency ? Explain them briefly by bringing out their advantages and disadvantages.
 5What are the major steps involved in the process of construction of a questionnaire
 6Explain the significance of Research in any five areas of Business. Discuss these functional areas and the need to carry out research.
 7What do you mean by Research Design ? Discuss the functions and components of research design.
 8Discuss the various methods of sampling. Which of the methods are more suitable for market research ?
 9Discuss the stage in preparation of a research report and characteristics of a good report. 
 10Explain various methods of research and their applicability in the area of business research. 
 11Discuss the types of measurement scales used to measure attitude, with examples. 
 12What do you understand by the term ‘Research Design’ ? Discuss different components of a research design.
 13Explain Chi-square test as a goodness of fit. Also, explain conditions for applying Chi-square test.
 14Discuss different types of Interval scales and their 20 applicability in business research.

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S.NOShort Questions
1Stages of the business research process
2Requisites of a good statistical table
3Interview method of data collection
4Random Variables
5Interval Estimation
6Subjective Probability
7Research Design
8Census vs. Sampling
9Methods of Generalisation
10Statistical Fallacies

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