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MCS 042   Data Communication and Computer Networks

 Introduction to Data Communication and Computer Network Concepts

What is a Computer Network?
Network Goals and Motivations
Classification of Networks
Network Topology
Networking Model
Network Architecture
Types of Computer Network
Advantages of Networks
Data Communication Terminology
Modes of Data Transmission
Analog and Digital Data Transmission
Transmission Impairments
Transmission Media and its Characteristics
Wireless Transmission
Wireless LAN
Analog to Analog Modulation
Analog to Digital Modulation
Digital to Analog Modulation
Digital to Digital Encoding
ADSL vs. Cable


Block-2 Media Access Control and Data Link Layer

Basics of Error Detection
Forward Error Correction
Forward Error Correction
Flow Control
Stop & Wait ARQ
Go-Back-N ARQ
Selective Repeat ARQ
Advantages of Multiple Access Sharing of Channel Resources
Slotted ALOHA
Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA)
CSMA with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD)
Ethernet Frame Format (IEEE 802.3)
introduction to Wireless LAN
Wireless LAN Architecture (IEEE 802.11)
Hidden Station and Exposed Station Problems
Wireless LAN Protocols: MACA and MACAW
IEEE 802.11 Protocol Stack
Switching at Data Link Layer

 Network Layer

Connection Oriented vs. Connection-less Services
Implementation of the Network Layer Services
Comparison between Virtual Circuit and Datagram Subnet
Routing Concept
Shortest Path Routing Algorithm
Distance Vector Routing
Link State Routing
Hierarchical Routing
Broadcast Routing
Multicast Routing
Congestion Control vs. Flow Control
Congestion Prevention Mechanism
General Principles of Congestion Control
Open Loop Control
Congestion Control in Packet-switched Networks
Network Layer Protocols

Transport Layer and Application Layer Services


Transport Services
Elements of Transport Layer Protocols
Introduction to UDP
Introduction to TCP
TCP Segment Header
TCP Connection Establishment
TCP Connection Termination
TCP Flow Control
Symmetric Key Cryptography
Public Key Cryptography
Mathematical Background
Digital Signatures
Management of Public Keys
Communication Security
Web Security

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