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S.NOSome Questions
1You ordered for an i-pad on an online retailing service and you received a defective piece. Draft a letter to the head of Consumer Grievances of that organisation indicating this and request for the replacement of the product.
2Look at the following answers and form suitable questions :
(i) Yes, I’ll go with you.
(ii) I met her at a party.
(iii) Of course, I can visit you tomorrow.
(iv) I suggest you exercise for 45 minutes every day.
(v) No, it is not possible.
3Make sentences with the following words/ phrases :
(i) marathons
(ii) perspective
(iii) neurotic
(iv) bounce back
(v) accomplishments
4Find words/phrases from the passage which mean the same as the following :
(i) talent (para 2)
(ii) great applause (para 2)
(iii) to deal with a difficult situation in a calm way (para 3)
(iv) quick to recover (para 4)
(v) totally preoccupied (para 5)
5Your prospective employer asked you to prepare a presentation on any one of the following: You may use visual aids to support your presentation. Presentation should consist of atleast 20 slides.
i. Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education
ii. Cloud Computing Applications
6You have seen a job with a multinational company advertised in a newspaper for the post of Software
Engineer (Trainee). Prepare your own Resume/Biodata to apply for the post.
7You work for a company, which manufactures computers and laser printers. You are visiting another company, Soft Cell, to buy some computer software for your department. They have expressed an interest in your company’s laser printers. You would like to take twenty brochures and three sample printers with you.
 Write a memo to Mr. Jacob Tharu, the sales manager.
 Ask for his permission to take these items.
 Explain the time and date when you want to collect them.
 Say what you hope to achieve
8Answer the following questions:
i) What is the purpose of a meeting according to the writer?
ii) The “can’t do” type wants to maintain a status grow. Elaborate.
iii) Why do some people love attending meetings?
iv) What is the position in the organization of those who steal others’ ideas? How do they do it?
v) What does the writer mean by reaching a “false consensus”?
9Give two reasons why managers are giving so much importance to time management.
10Explain the difference between period of time and point of time giving your own examples.
S.NOShort Questions
1(i) A brief history of copyright law
(ii) Ethics at the workplace
(iii) Personal and social competence
2(i) Work Ethics in an Organisation
(ii) Etiquette while using
(b) Facebook
3(i) Plagiarism Check Software
(ii) Interpersonal Skill Development at Workplace
4(i) What are “blindspots” and how to overcome them ?
(ii) Collaboration and cooperation
(ii) Presentation skills
5(i) Do’s and Don’ts during Group Discussions.
(ii) Importance of Visuals in Presentations.
(iii) Do’s and Don’ts on Social Media.

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