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S.NOSome Questions
1(a) What is meant by CRC ? Write the following bitstring in polynomial representation :
(b) What are Wireless LANs ? Discuss the disadvantages of using radio transmitters.
2(a) What is Transmission Media ? Compare optical fiber with copper wire. 5
(b) What is meant by burst error ? How can burst errors be corrected ?
3(a) Explain the three types of internetwork addresses with a suitable example for each.
(b) Explain the concept of Diffie-Hellman key generation. Generate public and private key pairs using RSA algorithm using 7 and 11 as two prime numbers.
4(a) Differentiate between PSK and FSK modulation techniques. Explain the term ‘‘Quantization’’.
(b) Draw IPv4 header structure and explain the significance of Fragment offset.
5(a) What is encoding ? Explain digital-to-digital encoding with an example.
(b) Explain the characteristics of Wide Area Network (WAN). Differentiate between client-server and peer-to-peer architecture
6(a) Briefly discuss the terms CSMA and CSMA/CD. Explain Ethernet frame format IEEE 802.3.
(b) Explain the utility of Spanning Tree and Source Routing Bridges in computer networks.
7(a) Define handshaking protocol. What are the\ types of services provided by the transport layer ?
(b) What is Nagle’s Algorithm ? Explain TCP connection establishment in normal operation
8What is meant by Modulation? Explain techniques used in digital to analog modulation with the help of a diagram.
9Sketch the Manchester and RƵ encoding of the following bit stream:
1011 00 11 01 01 11
10(a) Discuss the key features of random access protocols (multiple access protocols).
(b) Draw and explain the vulnerable period for pure Aloha protocol and obtain its throughput expression.
11What are the advantages of frame fragmentation in wireless network? Explain.
12Explain the implementation of token bucket traffic shaper with the help of a diagram
13Discuss the QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) technique. Draw 8-QAM constellation diagram.
14(a) What is the utility of a digital certificate? Explain how digital signatures are created?
(b) Explain key generation algorithm for RSA with an example.
(c) Explain the concept of RPC in detail.
15Define the term Internet Backbone. What are the key differences between tier-1 ISP and tier-2 ISP? Explain.
16What are the three methods to access the internet? Provide a brief description of how connections establishment, advantages and disadvantages of each method.
17Describe the three types of signal distortion in transmission media. What kinds of delays occur during data transmission?
18Discuss the key distinguishing features of QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) technique as compared to other modulation techniques. Draw 8-QAM constellation diagram.
19How does the slotted Aloha protocol work? Derive its throughput expression and plot its throughput Vs load graph.
20Describe the two fundamental problems related to a wireless network. How does the MACAW protocol address the problems? Explain

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