IGNOU MCS 220 Exam Notes / Important Question

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IGNOU MCS 220 Exam Notes / Important Question

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S.NOSome Questions
1(a) What is J2EE ? Briefly explain J2EE architecture.
(b) Explain servlet architecture. Also briefly explain the use of servlet with the help of an example.
2(c) Explain JSP scripting elements with the help of a program.
(d) What is Spring Boot ? Briefly explain Spring Boot application properties.
3(a) What is a design pattern ? Explain the advantages of using a design pattern in enterprise applications development, with the help of an example.
(b) Explain Hibernate configuration with annotations.
4(a) Explain Spring MVC framework with the help of a suitable diagram.
(b) Explain the working and flow of Struts 2
5(a) Explain the steps of database connection using JSP and JDBC, with the help of a program.
(b) Explain the use of load( ) and get( ) methods of Hibernate session, with the help of an example.
6What is need of design pattern? Explain use of Singleton Design Pattern with the help of an example.
7(a) What is Servlet? Explain use of GET and POST methods in Servlet programming.
(b) Explain JSP and database connection using JDBC, with the help of an example code
8What session management? Explain different ways of session management
9Explain Java annotations (both built-in and custom).
10Explain CRUD application development process using Hibernate
11Explain Hibernate (ORM) Architecture.
12Explain Java Socket Extension (JSSE) features and benefits.
13(a) What is Custom Login? Explain with example.
(b) Explain issues and challenges in Web Security.
14What is Design Pattern? Explain Singleton Design Pattern and Factory Design Pattern with the help of suitable diagrams.
15Explain Servlet Architecture. Also explain Servlet Life Cycle.
16What are implicit objects in JSP? Briefly explain all the JSP implicit objects.
17Explain Spring Boot and Spring MVC frameworks
18How a simple CRUD application can be developed using Hibernate? Explain briefly
19Explain Hibernate (ORM) configuration with Annotation in brief
20Explain how Java Socket Extension (JSSE) is used in Web Security.
S.NOShort Questions
1(a) Java Cryptography Architecture (JCA)
(b) JSP Standard Tag Library (JSTL)
2(c) JSP Life Cycle
(d) Factory Design Pattern

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