IGNOU MMPC-004 Important Question & Exam Notes

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IGNOU MMPC-004 Important Question & Exam Note in English Medium Download

IGNOU MMPC-004 Management Functions and Organisational Processes Important Question & Exam Notes ,Top 20 Question of MMPC-004

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1Describe the activities taken into consideration for preparation of cash flow statement. Discuss the direct and indirect method of preparation of cash flow statement and highlight the main differences among them.
2What are the elements of cost ? How is the total cost calculated taking into consideration prime cost, factory cost and office cost ? Discuss the classification of costs based on the variable nature of cost.
3What is ‘Activity-Based Costing’ ? Explain its main features, objectives, merits and demerits. Describe the process for implementation of activity-based costing.
4Describe the drawbacks of traditional budgeting techniques. Also explain the concepts of ‘Performance Budgeting’ and ‘Zero Base Budgeting’. Discuss the application of these techniques.
5What is Variance ? How are the following variances calculated ?
(a) Direct Labour Rate Variance
(b) Direct Labour Efficiency (Time) Variance
(c) Direct Material Price Variance
(d) Direct Material Usage Variance
Discuss the possible causes for each of these variances.
6What is an ‘Annual Report’ ? Briefly discuss the various contents of Annual Report and describe the significance of the information contained in each part of the Annual Report.
7Explain the concept of ‘Fraud Triangle’ and discuss the application of forensic accounting.
8Explain the following accounting concepts
(a) Business Entity concept
(b) Money measurement concept
(c) Continuity concept
(d) Accrual concept
9Explain the following
(a) Marginal Costing
(b) Activity Based Costing
10What is CVP analysis? Does it differ from break even analysis? How is break-even point calculated?
11Explain in detail the various contents of an Annual Report.
IGNOU MMPC-001 Important Question & Exam Notes

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The Full Form of MMPC-004 is Accounting for Managers

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it is MMPC-004 Course in MBF in IGNOU

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