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IGNOU MMPC-006 Important Question & Exam Note in English Medium Download

IGNOU MMPC-006 Management Functions and Organisational Processes Important Question & Exam Notes ,Top 20 Question of MMPC-006

S.NoSolve All The Question and Get Good Mark in IGNOU Exams
1(a) “Marketing involves much more than selling and advertising.” Discuss. How would you apply your knowledge of marketing concept to promote
(i) Safe Driving Habits
(ii) Save Water ?
(b) Discuss the main objectives of sales promotion. Explain some of the sales promotion directed at consumers, which can be used by a soap manufacturer.
2(a) What are the steps in the consumer decision-making process ? Do all consumers decisions involve these steps ? Discuss with an example.
(b) What is the concept of holistic marketing ? Explain each of the components and their importance in the exchange process.
3(a) What is Product Positioning ? Discuss the need and its importance. Explain the tasks that marketers should consider for successful positioning.
(b) Explain briefly the stages through which you would test ideas coming up for new products until the final stage of launching the new product.
4You have been appointed as a marketing manager for a company making confectionary items for more than a decade. The company has added a new item in its product category and wishes to brand the new item.
(a) Suggest a suitable brand name and propose promotion mix for the brand which is targetted for rural markets.
(b) What type of packaging will you recommend for such product if they are to be marketed in rural area ?
5(a) Define and discuss the term “Marketing”. Elaborate its scope and significance in an enterprise.
Needs, Wants and Demands are always the starting point for marketing activities. Explain with a suitable example.
(b) Discuss the various stages involved in the consumer buying process with reference to buying a smart phone brand of your choice.
6(a) Discuss the product line decisions that a firm should consider to pursue and consolidate its position in the face of competition.
(b) Discuss the concept of Product Life Cycle. Elaborate the various stages by taking the example of a shaving cream brand of your choice. What alternatives will you suggest for the brand during its decline stage and why? Offer your reasons.
7.(a) Discuss the various factors that affect the Pricing decisions in a firm. Explain the three cost oriented pricing approaches that a firm can use in pricing their products/services.
(b) Enterprises are sensing the need to become more integrated in their marketing communication efforts. Discuss with an example where you have been a part of the integration process or may have come across the said integration.
8(a) What do you understand by the term Advertising? Discuss the various types of
advertising and the major role that advertising plays in the promotion of a firms offering. Explain by taking one example each from a product and a service of your choice.
(b) Explain the nature and role of Personal Selling. Discuss the steps involved in the selling process by taking an example of a financial software product for a medium enterprises.
S.NOShort Questions
1(a) Industrial goods classification
(b) Cost-based pricing
(c) Measuring advertising effectiveness
2(d) Internet vs. Digital marketing
(e) Challenges in rural marketing
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