What is a device driver ? Are device drivers hardware dependent ? Justify your answer.List four devices which require device drivers.

A tool driving force is a software aspect that allows verbal exchange among a pc’s operating machine and a hardware device. It acts as an middleman among the device and the operating gadget, permitting the tool to feature well and permitting the working machine to manipulate the tool.

Device drivers are commonly written for specific hardware devices, and therefore, they can be taken into consideration hardware-dependent. Each tool driver is designed to work with a selected hardware configuration, and it may no longer paintings well with different configurations. For example, a device driver written for a specific version of a printer might not paintings with some other model of the identical logo.

Four gadgets that require tool drivers are:

  • Printers
  • Sound cards
  • Graphics cards
  • Network adapters

In general, maximum hardware devices which are linked to a computer require tool drivers with a purpose to characteristic well. Without device drivers, the running system could not be capable of talk with the tool, and the device would not be capable of perform its supposed features.

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