What is a flow chart ? Draw a flowchart to find the maximum of three given natural numbers.

A flowchart is a graphical illustration of a manner or algorithm. It is composed of diverse shapes and emblems that constitute different steps or moves within the method. A flowchart can assist visualize the waft of a procedure, making it less difficult to recognize and analyze.

Here is an instance flowchart to discover the most of 3 given herbal numbers:

C program to Find the Largest Number Among Three Numbers - GeeksforGeeks

In this flowchart, the technique begins with the input of three natural numbers A, B, and C. Then, the flowchart tests which of the three numbers is the most by means of comparing them to every different the use of if statements. If all 3 numbers are equal, the flowchart outputs that all numbers are identical. If two or greater numbers are equal, the flowchart outputs that there may be no unique maximum. Finally, the technique ends.

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