What is an operating system ? What are its functions and uses ? Name any one proprietary and one open source operating system.

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An working machine (OS) is a software program program that manages and controls the hardware and software assets of a pc system. It acts as an interface among the person and the pc hardware, imparting a platform for other software programs to run on.

  • The essential capabilities of an running system consist of managing pc sources which include memory, CPU, input/output devices, and storage devices. It also gives a person interface to interact with the pc and manages safety by way of shielding the gadget from unauthorized get right of entry to and malicious software.
  • Some of the makes use of of an running gadget encompass handling report systems, scheduling duties, dealing with interrupts, managing community connections, and providing assist for diverse varieties of software packages.
  • One example of a proprietary running system is Microsoft Windows, that’s evolved and bought through Microsoft Corporation. An example of an open-source running system is Linux, which is developed collaboratively by means of a network of developers and dispensed underneath diverse open-supply licenses.

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