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MCS 011  Is Problem Solving and Programming notes

1Problem – Solving Techniques
1 Steps for Problem – Solving
2 Using Computer as a Problem-Solving Tool
2Design of Algorithms
1. Definition
2. Features of Algorithm
3. Criteria to be followed by an Algorithm
4. Top Down Design
3Analysis of Algorithm Efficiency
1. Redundant Computations
2. Referencing Array Elements
3. Inefficiency Due to Late Termination
4. Early Detection of Desired Output Condition
5. Trading Storage for Efficient Gains
4Analysis of Algorithm Complexity
1. Computational Complexity
2. The Order of Notation
3. Rules for using the Big – O Notation
4. Worst and Average Case Behavior
1. Basic Symbols used in Flowchart Design
6C Language
1. History of C
2. Salient Features of C
7Structure of a C Program
1. A simple C Program
8Writing a C Program
9Compiling a C Program
1. The C Compiler
2. Syntax and Semantic Errors
10Link and Run the C Program
1. Run the C Program through the Menu
2. Run from an Executable File
3. Linker Errors
4. Logical and Runtime Errors
11Identifiers and Keywords
1. Rules for Forming Identifiers
2. Keywords
12Data Types and Storage
14Declaring Variables
15Initialising Variables
1. Integer Constants
2. Floating Point Constants
3. Character Constants
4. String Constants
17Arithmetic Operators
18Comma and Conditional Operators
19 Size of Operator

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