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MCS 012  Computer Organization and Assembly language Programming 
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The von Neumann Architecture
Computers: Then and Now
1 The Beginning
2 First Generation Computers
3 Second Generation Computers
4 Third Generation Computers
5 Fourth Generations
6. Fifth Generations
Logic Gates & Logic Circuits
Examples of Logic Combinational Circuits
1 Adders
2. Decoders
3 Multiplexer
4 Encoder
5 Programmable Logic Array
6 Read Only Memory ROM
The Memory Hierarchy
RAM, ROM, DRAM, Flash Memory
Secondary Memory and Characteristics
1 Hard Disk Drives
2 Optical Memories
3 CCDs, Bubble Memories
Cache Memory
1 Cache Organization
2 Memory Interleaving
3.Associative Memory
The Memory System of Micro-Computer
1 SIMM, DIMM, etc., Memory Chips
2 SDRAM, RDRAM, Cache RAM Types of Memory
The Device Controllers and its Structure
1 Device Controller
2 Structure of an Input /Output Interface
Input Output Techniques
1 Programmed Input /Output
2 Interrupt-Driven Input /Output
3 Interrupt-Processing
4 DMA (Direct Memory Access)
Hard Drives
1 Characteristics: Drive Speed, Access Time, Rotation Speed
2 Partitioning & Formatting
3 Drive cache
4 Hard Drive Interface
Removable Storage Options
1 Zlp, Jaz & Other Cartridge Drives
2 Recordable CDs & DVRs
4 Tape Backup
Removable Drives
1 Floppy Drives
1 Keyboard Layout
2 Keyboard Touch
3 keyboard Technology
Video Cards
1 Resolution
2 Color Depth
3 Video Memory
4 Refresh Rates
5 Graphic Accelerators and 3-D Accelerators
6 Video Card Interfaces
1. Cathode Ray Tubes
2. Dat Pitch
3. Monitor Resolutions
4. Interlacing
5. Bandwidth
1 Classification of Printers
2 Print Resolutions
3 Print Speed
4 Print Quality
5 Color Management
1 Resolution
2 Dynamic Range/Colour Depth
3 Size and Speed
4 Scanning Tips
5 Power Supply
SMPS (Switched Mode Power Supply)
Addressing Modes
1 Register Addressing Mode
2 Immediate Addressing Mode
3 Direct Addressing Mode
4 Indirect Addressing Mode
How to Write Good Assembly Programs

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