IGNOU MCS 230 Exam Notes / Important Question

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IGNOU MCS 230 Exam Notes / Important Question

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1How Digital image relates to signals? Give definition of 1-D and 2-D signals and explain how a 2- D image is expressed in terms of 2-D signals.
2Explain DCT with suitable example. Give advantages of DCT over DFT. Compute DCT matrix order 2.
3Compare unsupervised learning techniques with supervised learning techniques. Explain the different categories of supervised machine learning algorithms. Also, draw block diagram for classical taxonomy of clustering methods.
4Compare sampling and quantization in context of image digitization. Also, state Shannon-Nyquist theorem and discuss its role in sampling process of any image.
5How wavelets differ from waves? Give properties of wavelets. Also, compare wavelet transform with Fourier transform.
6Explain Agglomerative Hierarchical Clustering. Write steps of general agglomerative clustering algorithm. Also, compare single link and complete link type of Agglomerative clustering.
7Explain How image enhancement is better in frequency domain as compared to spatial domain. Also, differentiate between image smoothening filters and image sharpening filters.
8Explain image degradation with suitable block diagram. How Noise relates to image degradation. Explain the various noise models.
9What do you understand by shifting the center of the spectrum? Why is it required? Write steps to carry out filtering in frequency domain
10Write short notes on following.
a) DFT and its limitations
b) RGB colour method
c) Linear Discriminant Analysis
d) Contrast stretching & its need
e) Euclidean distance classifiers
f) Low pass and high pass filters
g) Spatial resolution
h) Pixelization error

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