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IGNOU MCS 227 Exam Notes / Important Question

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S.NOSome Questions
1(a) Define Cloud Computing. List and explain the four categories of cloud deployment models.
(b) Define resource sharing in cloud computing. Explain the implementation of single tenancy and multi-tenancy types of resource sharing in cloud computing.
2(c) What is Internet of Things (IoT) ? What are the characteristics ? Also explain industrial IoT, infrastructure IoT and internet of military things (IoMT) categories of IoT.
(d) Explain the differences between Fogcomputing and Edge computing. Draw the block diagram of 3-layer architecture of fog computing and explain all its layers.
3(a) Differentiate between cluster, grid and cloud computing with respect to its characteristics, physical structure, hardware, resources, applications, networking and scalability features.
(b) What is Auto scaling in cloud ? Write and explain fixed amount auto scaling algorithm.
4(a) Define resource pooling in cloud environment. In this context, explain the following :
(i) Server Pools
(ii) Storage Pools
(iii) Network Pools
(b) With the help of a block diagram, explain the 4-levels in a cloud architecture.
5(a) Define virtualization. Explain its underlying abstraction. Also mention the features provided by virtualization environment.
(b) Explain the following communication protocols with reference to the IoT devices :
(i) IPv6
(ii) MQTT
(iii) CoAP
(iv) XMPP
6Cloud Service models like Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (Saas) were discussed in the course. Explore the features, benefits and relevant use cases for other service models like Security as a Service (SECaaS), Database as a Service (DBaaS), Analytics as a Service (AaaS) and API as a Service (APIaaS).
7(a) What do you understand by Resource Virtualization and its underlying abstraction?
(b) Describe various Hypervisor based virtualization approaches like full virtualization, para virtualization and h/w-assisted virtualization.
8Define scaling concept in cloud computing. Explain the following scaling strategies:
(a) Proactive Scaling
(b) Reactive Scaling
(c) Combinational Scaling
9Compare and contrast Cloud Computing, Fog Computing and Edge Computing. Briefly discuss two applications for each of Fog Computing and Edge Computing.
10Briefly discuss any two (for each of the sector) Use Cases of IoT in the following sectors:
(a) Agriculture
(b) Transportation
S.NOShort Questions
1(a) Multihoming and its types
(b) Horizontal scaling in cloud environment
2(c) Challenges in cloud computing
(d) Applications of edge computing

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