IGNOU BCS 011 Computer Basics and PC Software Exam Notes

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IGNOU BCS 011 Exam Notes Download BCA Notes

S. NoTopics
1Origin of Computer
2Some Old Type of Computer
3Computer Generations
4Computer System
How Computers Work
1.Operational Unit
2.System Unit
3.Von-Neumann Architecture
4.Classification of Computers
5.Classification by Technology
5Integrated Circuits
Electric Circuits
The Transistor vs. the Vacuum Tube
6Operating System
7Limitations of a Computer
8Components of a Digital Computer & their Role
1 Components of a Digital Computer
2 Computer as a Data Processor
3 Language of Digital Computers
9Number System
Binary Number System
Binary Codes 34
10Elements of CPU and their role
11Memory Types and Storage Devices
1 Semiconductor (Main) Memory
2 Magnetic Memory
3 Optical Memory
12 Memory Hierarchy & their Needs
13What is a Port ?
1 Parallel Port
2 Serial Port
3 Universal Serial Bus (USB)
4 Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) Port
14Input Devices & Output Devices
15Types of PC
Hardware Components of a PC
Software Components of a PC
16Internet on a PC
17What is Software & Software Evolution
18Types of Software
1 System Software
2 Programming Software
3 Application Software
19Utility Software & Open Source Software
20Operating System Services
21Problem, Algorithm, Program and Programming Language
22Concept of a Programming Language
23Elements of Programming Language
24Editor, Assembler, Interpreter & Compiler
25Concepts of Open Source Software
26Office Applications ,Database
27What is a Computer Network?
28Data Transmission Channels
29Network Topologies
30Network Classification
31Networking Devices
32Internet and its Software Components & Internet Addresses
33Browsing & What is Browser?
34Searching , Email ,Chat & Security threats on Internet
36Electronic Educational Resources
37Collaborations , Social Networking & Blog

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